We are Koyuki

Koyuki Vapor is a passion project started by a Swedish vape enthusiast.


Formed in late 2018, Koyuki Vapor is an indipendant e-liquid manufacturer located in Tibro, Sweden. Started as a passion project for self-use, which later developed into something far greater.

When the company was formed it premiered it's first line of juices, the Helljuice-series. Inspired by larger-than-life events, dear memories, pop culture staples and more, every single juice in the series has some special meaning to it's creator.

After the sucess of the first e-liquid line up, Koyuki Vapor continued to release more juices in the form of the Sweet Dreams-, Soda Sparkle-, Chronicles- and On Ice-line.

All lines have been extremely popular and the Koyuki brand has quickly become one of the biggest e-liquid brands in Sweden.

The estetics of the design is based on the love for cartoonish designs and the japanese language. Even though the juices are developed and made in Sweden, this is an homage by the company and it's owner, based on the personal influence it had during the development of the juices.

Everything from devlopment, to design or manufacturing is hand made in house by a small team, bringing a personal touch to the juices that is hard to get from the big juice manufacturers. 

We know that we love the juices that we made.

They are not only great tasting products for our fellow vapers, but a piece of who we are. 

Hope that you like what we've created.

Welcome to the family.


What we do


We have over 26 different popular

e-liquids from five different juice lines, to cover as many flavor profiles as possible. Our liquids are very popular, and the Koyuki brand have become a staple of quality and flavor. All liquids are available in both 50/60ml DL shortfills and 10/30ml MTL shortfills.

All White

Snus is a holy cow in Sweden. But in the latest years, tobacco users are looking for aless harmful, tobacco free alternative. Our all white nicotine pouches have two different strengths and five amazing flavors.


We deliver manufacturing to global e-liquid brands. Are you looking for a partner to help you with manufacturing your

e-liquid? Or are you looking for someone to develop something brand new?

We can help you, every step of the way.

Are you looking for quality premium e-liquids?

Nicotine pouches with amazing flavor?

Or are you looking for someone to help you with your brand?

Look no further, contact us, and we'll be happy to help.