Dr. Koyuki's Soda Sparkle



A classic - more refreshing than ever!

The classic taste of Cola soda with hints of creamy vanilla and fresh lime!

Perfect for a hot day, or when you have cravings for Cola!

A refreshing soft drink combo!

A fresh and nice soda with flavor of aloe vera, mango and sweet raspberries!

This is a homage to all aloe vera-lovers!

A sweet and fruity soda!

A fantastic soda with a sweet combination of honeydew, pomegranate and black currant! Perfectly balanced for that fruity sweetness we all love!

A fresh version of a classic!

An amazing soda with the loved flavor combination of sweet strawberries, tender kiwi and freshly picked wild strawberries!

An interesting and unique soda with flavor of sweet apples, sour grapefruit and tropical guava!

Reminicent of classic Swedish sodas!

The flavor of fresh rhubarb, sweet strawberries and tart cloudberries, all wrapped up in one mouth-watering soda!
A tribute to Swedish midsummer!